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Rules & Regulations
Rules of The Conduct
♦ A student on the rolls of college will maintain discipline inside and outside the College.
♦ Every student will carry the identity card in his/her possession. The same can be checked at any time by members of the staff or the security at the gate.
♦ No Political and non-academic meeting of any sort can be held in the college premises.
♦ It is compulsory for all students to reach and be seated inside the classroom, five minutes before the lecture start-time.
♦ Disturbing the classes and calling out any student from the class during the period is a serious offence.
♦ Student will wear proper uniform in the college . Without uniform student will not be allowed inside the class.
♦ No outsider is allowed to enter the college premises without a valid reason.
♦ Each student will show sincerity, regularity & punctuality.
♦ No student is allowed to organise any personal celebration or parties in the college.
♦ Students can avail canteen facilities only during free periods and the break.
♦ Littering is not permitted. Use dustbins only.
♦ Each student is expected to participate in the college picnic and celebrations or parties organised by the college.
♦ No student shall accept or retain full time or part time job during the period of his/her training in the college.
♦ Students will keep their cell phones switched off in the class room/corridors.
♦ The above rules can be changed, modified or suspended as and when required.
Identity Card 
On furnishing one copy of his/her stamp size coloured photograph each trainee shall be issued an identity card. This card shall be treated as valid document of the bonafides of the trainee. In the event of losing college library/identity card, the student will file an application to the college Principal along with a fine of Rs. 50/- for getting a duplicate card.
Examination Rules
As per the guidelines of the syllabus every student is supposed to appear in two term tests and submit one project work or assignment for all seven papers of the syllabus. In addition to this, there will be regular cycle tests for different papers as per the schedule notified by the examination section of the college.
Rules of Internal Assesment
The College does not conduct any examination of its own. The Final examination is conducted by the university of Jammu. The university has laid down certain rules for appearing in the examination and for internal assessment to be awarded to the students to the extent of 20% of the total marks. 20%marks in the theory are reserved for internal assessment, the breakup of the marks for each subject is as -
(i) Two Assessment test = 10% = 10 marks
(ii) One written Assignment = 5% = 5 marks
(iii) Attendance = 5% = 5 marks

Regularity of attendance shall be awarded on the following scale -
Below 75% of the total number of lecture delivered = 0 marks
From 75% to 80% '' = 3marks
80% to 90% '' = 4 marks
90% to 100% '' = 5 marks
Attendance Rules
1. 75% attendance is compulsory as per university rules. However the college expects minimum 90% attendance. Shortage cases will not be eligible to take exams. Shortage of attendance shall be determined on monthly basis.
2. 5% weightage in each paper i.e. five (5) marks are earmarked by the university of Jammu for attendance in each paper. Total marks for attendance amount to thirty five (35)
3. No student will be allowed in any case to proceed on leave during the orientation, Actual conduct of
(i) Micro-teaching (ii) Macro-teaching (iii) Term-test/Class-test (iv) Guest lectures (v) Any other activity proposed by the authority.
4. Medical leave shall be sanctioned only if duly supported with a medical certificate of a doctor not less than the rank of assistant surgeon, Grade-I or equivalent.
5. Leave application should be submitted in the office, on the prescribed leave application form, prior to taking the leave with specific ground mentioned. Telephonic leave message will not be entertained.
6. No student can remain absent for more than seven consecutive days at a stretch. In such case the name of the student will be liable to be struck off from the college rolls. However, if the student has to avail the leave, he/she has to get the leave pre-sanctioned by the principal only on the prescribed application.
7. The unauthorized absence of any student shall not be tolerated.
8. Forgery / Proxy attendance / Lying / Falsification of facts are all offences.
9. Attendance in all the subjects will be marked separately in every period by the concerned teacher & the students are advised to ensure the presence in every period.
Library Rules
Library is a gateway of knowledge, repository of culture and an instrument of advancement. It is a rich spring from which knowledge flows out to irrigate the wide field of education and culture. To match this , the college library demands some commitments -
1. All students are requested to bring their library cards regularly to avail the library facility.
2. Students can borrow only two books at a time and retain them for a maximum period of 14 days.
3. Students can borrow books from the college library on the production of their library cards.
4. A fine of Rs. 5/- per day shall be charged on each book in case the borrower fails to return the book on the date.
5. If a student loses her /his identity card, at once he should apply for a duplicate card after paying requisite fee of Rs. 50/-
6. Reference books cannot be issued to the students. These can, however be consulted by the students in the library.
7. Students are not allowed to carry their personal books or belongings inside the college library.
8. Students shall have to observe silence when they are in the reading room. They shall have to produce the identity card for the books to be issued to them.
9. Books torn out, mutilated or lost shall have to be paid for double the cost. If such book is a part of a set or series, cost of the entire set shall have to be paid. The staff members shall have to pay 25% above the actual cost.
10. Entertaining guests and taking refreshments in the library are strictly prohibited.
11. Any student found guilty of damaging, stealing, scrapping or misusing the library books shall be penalized according to the findings and recommendations of the inquiry committee constituted for the disposal of such cases.
12. The working hours of the library shall be ordinarily the same as working hours of the college. The library remains open during vacation period.>
Hostel Rules
1. The boarders will not leave hostel without the permission of the warden.
2. Unauthorized absence from the hostel can be liable to heavy fine and even expulsion from the hostel.
3. No outsider will stay in the hostel at night unless there is permission from the college authority.
4. No boarders will arrange any party or function on their own in the hostel. They will have to seek the permission for so.
5. All the boarders shall attend to the roll call daily at 5.30 p.m. in the evening in the common room .
6. The outing of the girls for shopping etc will be on Sunday between 11.00 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. Any boarder who wants to buy any thing on a day other than the specified day can get it through the attendants.
7. No boarder shall bring parents/guardians directly to the hostel.
8. If a boarder desires to seek long leave he/she has to seek permission from the Principal giving the substantial proof of such requirements.
9. The boarders can attend to phone calls on telephone provided in the hostel corridor between 7.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. in the evening & 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. in the morning.
10. Each boarder residing in the hostel shall be responsible for the safe custody of the furniture, fittings, ceiling fans and other articles provided in his/her room or in the premises of hostel. Appropriate action shall be taken by the management for any damage or loss of fittings.
11. No boarder shall use electric heater, electric press etc. in the residential room allotted to him/her. Infringement shall render the boarder liable for suitable action.
12. Boarders shall not keep cash or any other valuables in the rooms. They may open an account in the nearest bank. In no case the institution shall be responsible for loss of any cash or valuables in the rooms.
13. The boarders shall have direct access to the warden and they shall report any grievances or any complaints against the attendants to the warden and in no case they shall deal with the attendants directly.
14. In case of sudden and serious illness, the institution shall provide all possible help. In case of chronic diseases including psychological problems/attacks, the boarders shall have to make her own arrangements. In case of regular/frequent attacks the boarders shall not be allowed to continue in the hostel.
15. Hostel rent is payable in one instalment, messing charges as approved and notified by the university can be deposited in instalments as per prescribed schedule.