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List of College Committees
S.No. Committees Objectives of Committees
1. Discipline Committees To maintain discipline inside the campus
Make record of absentees to check uniform
2. Examination Committees Draw advance plans for examinations
Conduct of tests
On time available availability of question papers
Maintain records of stationary
Internal assessment
3. Academic Committee Preparation of annual calendar.
To conduct orientation for B.Ed Course
To conduct orientation for written assignments, micro teaching, macro teaching, final lessons and internship
Conduct of practice of teaching (Micro & Macro)
To analyze feedback received from various sources and put before concerned quarter for improvement
4. Cultural & Sports Committees Conduct of games, sports & cultural activities
Maintenance of records of CCA
5. Canteen Committee To check the quality of food
To forward the demands of students to the faculty in charge of canteen
6. College Maintenance Committee Cleanliness of premises, lawns and pots, dustbin, furniture, classrooms, staff room, toilets.
Maintenance of A/V aids room, science lab, girls and boys common room, computer lab etc.
7. Admission Committee To maintain record of all students who are admitted to college.
To arrange in sequence (merit wise)
To allot the subjects according to eligibility and aptitude
To allot roll no. to students
To allot sections
8. Library Committee Selection of newspapers, magazines, journals, textbooks
9. Public Relations Committee Selection of newspapers, linkages with community/departments/practice schools/press
To maintain record of press coverage & photograph

Other Units
S.No. Name of Units Foster Objectives
1. NSS Units To foster a sense of comradeship, belongingness and develop dedication to do something for he humanity
2. Adult / Continuing
Education Club
To spread literacy among adult illiterates
To give the knowledge to the adults about their fundamental rights
3. Population Education Club To conduct  various activities on important days i.e. World Health Day
4. Guidance & Counseling Cell To discover and understand capacities, potentialities, abilities, aptitudes, strengths and weakness of the students
To assist the individual in making satisfactory adjustment to home, college, peers, lecturers and society
5. Placement Cell To take care of placements
6. First Aid Facility To provide medical help whenever necessary
7. College Magazine To provide opportunity to students to develop their inherent creativity and express their inherent creativity and express their thoughts on various topics
To nurture the students creative abilities
To personal records of events and happenings of the year gone